Veronica again

We already know a lot about the hot Veronica Rodriguez. That she likes to get in contact with her fans on Facebook, Instagram and also on her own website. She enjoys living out her sexuality and feels free as never before. This has undoubtedly to a large extent to do with the fact that she has moved to the USA. At first, she worked as a saleswoman in a shopping mall. There she was very successful because she entangled the customers until they decided to buy the things she offered to them.

Nevertheless, she earned too little money. The service is not enough to go to college, so she had to look for a part-time job. Because of her natural and racy beauty, it was obvious to look for a modeling job. It was very easy for her. Soon she had the first job in her pocket. The job was also very well paid. 

Just a model job?

She thought it was a photo shoot for commercials. But when she finally arrived on set, she noticed that it was a porn shoot. At first, she was a bit shy. For a long time, she watched the scene only from a distance. She wanted to know what exactly happened and what the actors do. But after a short while, she also played along. The director and the other actors were so impressed by her that she soon took the lead role in the film. It should not be her last major role. Then her steep career began. She made many films. But she is also always present on the internet. Her fans love her for chatting with them. But she even does live chats. Fans can write to her in real time, and maybe she’ll go for your wishes. She is not very reserved, and so it happens that she also publishes photos from her private life and vacation on her Instagram profile. The fans love her for that. Today one can only guess who this racy girl once was. She grew up very sheltered with her family. She was a practicing Catholic who was in the church every Sunday with the other devout members of the congregation. Nobody could guess which career little Veronica would make.

The very start in the porn business

But it was probably her destiny to land one day on the set of a porno shoot. Because she felt very well and you realized that you were enjoying the filming. After a short time, she also broke a long-cherished secret. The secret of female ejaculation. It is not known to many that it also comes at the orgasm of the woman to secrete fluids. For a long time, people did not know anything about it. Veronica has also talked about it with her friends. But even they could not give her advice. The female orgasm together with the ejaculation was only researched in recent years. And it comes probably with every second woman to the leakage of body fluid. At first, she was ashamed of it. But soon she began to be open about it and soon realized that she even enjoyed it. Men also find it very exciting when they ejaculate on orgasm on them. Today it is no longer a problem for her. She’s open about it. And in the scene, she receives a lot of praise and recognition.

She loves her sexuality

Veronica’s work in the sex business has changed a lot. She is no longer the fussy girl who hides her sexuality and her true nature. No, she can live it completely free and uninhibited. And that really makes them blossom.

Even her turning partners notice that she is entire with herself. She is in peace with herself. She does not have to pretend anything and lives out her sexuality openly. This authenticity can be seen in filming and shooting. The fans love her open and permissive way. No matter if in film, on the internet or at live events. She always stays true to herself and does not pretend anything. Because there is no reason to do so. She is loved for her genuine and open nature, and she wants to keep that. Her partners at the set appreciate and respect her very much. She has neither a fondness for men nor for women. She likes to shoot both sexes. She does not give preference to anyone. 

She loves Lisa Daniels 

She likes to shoot hot scenes with Lisa Daniels. An equally racy beauty. If both girls really get started, then no man can resist. Because the girls are scorching. Lisa is not a newcomer to the scene, even though she started late. But she also has her loyal fans and followers. She loves to shoot with Veronica. Her favorites also include Riley Reid. Of course, these girls from the scene also have their own Fleshlight. Each one does it in their own way. Men are also happy when they get busy with Veronika. You notice immediately when professionals are at work. And men love when the girls are not shy, but show them where to go. But one thing Veronica has never done before. She has never had a scene with anal sex. She just does not feel ready for that yet. She is otherwise very open-minded. Maybe it takes a little time to enjoy anal sex as well. Many porn stars love it. Her fans do not put pressure on her. So they wait. But when it does, then Fleshlight will be there. And you will take the first impression of your butt for your masturbator. That all fans can buy Veronica’s butt. Veronica also loves to swallow sperm. If a man comes to orgasm, then she is on hand. She takes everything, and her partners love it. Otherwise, it loves hairless. Her pussy is so smooth. She loves to shave clean, and the men like it as well.