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As you can see at first glance, she is a Latina. And that from the hair to the toes. She is only 1.60 meters tall. She is a lightweight of just 44 kilograms. Maybe that’s her secret. Because many men dream of merely taking her and putting her on their dick. These are indeed the fantasies of many of their fans. She knows that too and enjoys the full attention the male fans give her.

Her life and her beginning in the porno industry

She can look back on a thoroughly readable life story. A Vita, which one does not find again so fast. She grew up sheltered in a religious and strictly Catholic home. She liked to go to church as a little girl. She loved to spend Sundays with God and other people. These are the days that have been remembered as special days of her childhood. She had no contact with boys for a very long time, and her parents took great care to keep it that way. But who should not have any contact with the boys, then takes what is left. And so it happened that she exchanged the first kisses with a girl from the neighborhood. 

Moving to the US

But then she moved to the USA with her parents. This meant a change of residence and the loss of their former friends. But it also had a decisive advantage for her. The US was the land of great freedom for her. So she moved with her family out of constraints into new liberty. And as a young girl, she enjoyed the opportunities that the country offered her. She says about that time that it was a fascinating and enjoyable time. She loves to reminisce.

Of course, she also had to earn money to have something to live on. This opportunity offered her a small shopping mall. 

Saleswoman with not enough money

And she turned out to be a very skilled saleswoman. She wooed the customers, male or female until they bought something from her. And she did her job really well. Nevertheless, she was not able to pay the money earned from college. That’s why she tried to get another job and started working as a model. She was offered a very well-paid job. She did not have to think long and immediately agreed. What she did not know was that it was a shoot for a porn movie. She did not realize that until she was on the set for the first day. But it did not scare her. Instead, she was very interested in what she saw there. For a while, she watches the scenes and what happened. Then she was happy and started to play in the scenes. She was so pleased that she was finally given the lead role.

This was the beginning of Veronica Rodriguez.